IV Infusion

Our Custom Drip Menu

iMyers Cocktail - OUR MOST POPULAR IV

  $239      45 Minutes

iSICK – Immune System VS Sickness

$259    ($299 Value) 45 Minutes

iFIT – Athletic Recovery & Performance

$249  ($279 Value)   45 Minutes

iGLOW – Glutathione Glow For The Skin

$180    45 Minutes

iBEAUTY – Hair, Skin & Nail Beautification

$199   45 Minutes

iCLEANSE – Detox & Replenish Your Body

$349   ($399 Value)    45 Minutes

iHYDRATE - Light Hangovers, Illness & Dehydration

$134      45 Minutes

iPARTIED - Moderate Hangover, Illness and Dehydration

$189     45 Minutes

iDON’T-REMEMBER - Severe Hangover, Illness and Dehydration

$299  ($349 Value)  45 Minutes

iCALM – Fight Anxiety And Exhaustion

   $299      45 Minutes

iYOUTH – Anti-Aging At A Cellular Level

Please note this is a 2 hour drip

Special Pricing At $500

iSKINNY – Weightloss Aid

$199      45 Minutes

iDEFEND – Boost Your Immune System

$199     45 Minutes


  $99   45 Minutes


  $99     45 Minutes

We Provide A Private & Comfortable Setting For Your Drip

Our Custom Booster Menu

MED-IVee booster shots take only seconds to set up, administer and complete, they are the perfect on-the-go solution.

Give your body the boost it needs with our vitamin boosts. These booster shots can be administered in seconds and they offer lasting effects. Unlike oral supplements, they are completely absorbed by the body. When you want a quick, easy way to get vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream, this treatment is the way to go.  Individual results may vary.

Mobile Services

We Can Come To Your Home Or Office!

Have your custom drip treatment in the comfort of your own home, office and hotel. Our mobile team of IV certified licensed medical professionals bring the MED-IVee experience to you.For an additional fee of $50 our licensed professional will visit your home or business and provide your custom IV drip or booster shot.  Currently we are service parts of Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties.